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about me

Born and raised in Pistoia (PT) in Tuscany, where he still works and lives today.

He has been a great lover of literature since he was a child, so much so that at the age of about ten he wrote his first fan-fiction based on a new hypothetical sequel to the best-seller Jurassic Park by Micheal Crichton (his great source of inspiration ).

The passion for writing did not end, but rather towards the late adolescence he began to write some drafts of unpublished novels.

His first novel "Checkmate", published in 2021 by Elison Publishing, is the fulfillment of a dream born many years earlier.

Thanks to the interest created around his debut as a writer, in 2022 he signed a representation contract with the literary agency Brassotti Agency & Associati to curate and promote his works in Italy and abroad.

Since he was a teenager, he perceives this strong attraction for those martial arts that came from afar, full of principles and philosophy.

After more than twenty years of experience in various Vietnamese, Israeli and Japanese disciplines, he receives the qualification of Master (first in the world in the Aikido Evolution style, recognized by the C.O.N.I.), formalizing his total commitment to spreading the love and principles that these splendid disciplines they had given him.

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