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Aikidō (合氣道 in Japanese and means by transliterating "The Way of Energy and Harmony") is the Japanese martial art where the combination of the aggressor's energy with one's own is exploited to the maximum to unbalance him in a fluid circular movement and dynamic.

This relatively recent discipline (beginning of the 20th century) founded in Japan by Maestro Morihei Ueshiba and also made famous in Hollywood and in the world by Maestro Steven Seagal, is excellent at all ages, even for teenagers and children, for the development of motor awareness and discipline.

The peculiarity of preferring a defensive rather than attacking approach and the use of the opponent's energy rather than physical strength makes it extremely suitable for female practitioners.


M° Morihei Ueshiba

M° Steven Seagal


Aikido Evolution is an even more recent style, compared to the other styles of Aikido, and is characterized by a very different type of work of the practitioner while maintaining the origins of the discipline firmly.

In addition to the joint lock and throw techniques typical of this martial art, the Evolution style, codified by M° Zarif Dei during his decades of experience in this martial art, includes the use of attack techniques typical of karate (such as kicks, punches, elbows, knees, etc.) and throwing/ground fighting of jujitsu, with a more dynamic and combat training method (kumite).

The Evolution style also gives prominence to the real combat applications of techniques with traditional weapons (Bokken, Tanto and Jo) and disarmament.

M° Zarif Dei

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