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     In New York, a known personality with secret perverse impulses seems to disappear into thin air and is found mutilated hundreds of kilometers away.


     In Pueblo, Colorado, eight theatrically arranged corpses are found. A large warehouse used for the storage of drugs is set on fire, the guardians disappeared and all signed with a mysterious symbol.


     James Shepherd, head of a pool of investigators of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is called to piece together the puzzle formed by these seemingly separate events.
     The result will be a mental duel with a mysterious figure for the lives of those involved with no holds barred, in which Agent Shepherd will have to find a way to end the game before suffering checkmate himself.

Price: € 20,00 (in Italy)

Language: italian

© 2021 Elison Publishing (editor)



       A new cancer therapy, the result of pioneering scientific research, is being carried out on a private island in the Indonesian archipelago owned by BioTech Corp., a pharmaceutical multinational based in England.

    A group of volunteers are recruited to start human testing of Newregen, a revolutionary drug that promises to be the ultimate weapon in the fight against cancer with benefits for all of humanity.

    The growing hostility towards humans of a mysterious and elusive creature endemic to the island will endanger the testing as well as the lives of all the guests of the research lab, while a new pathogen discovered on some members of the staff risks endangering the health security of the entire humanity.

Price: € 16,00 (in Italy)

Language: italian

© 2023 Calibano Editore (editor)

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