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"Anyone who doesn't read, at 70 will have lived only one life: their own.
Anyone who reads will have lived 5,000 years: there was when Cain killed Abel, when Renzo married Lucia, when Leopardi admired infinity... because reading is an immortality backwards."

Umberto Eco

Writing is one of the greatest magic I've ever experienced.
A magic that fortunately has never left me, even with more or less productive periods.

That's the beauty of it: the stories have to come out spontaneous.
It must be a pleasure to write a chapter of the novel just as it must be a pleasure to read it in the future.

I started from a very young age with a fan-fiction type sequel to Michael Crichton's best-seller Jurassic Park (inspirational guide always present when I write).
The "success", if we can call it that since I never published it but had it read to a few close friends including my science and literature middle school professors, was such that they made me bring the manuscript entitled "Il Sito B " as an exam paper.

I continued to write several more or less complete drafts over the years.
In 2020, with my most complete manuscript aka "Checkmate" in my hands, I made a bet with the part of me that still dreamed of being published and said to myself: now or never.

That was how my adventure as a budding writer began.



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