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Krav Maga (קרב מגע) is a melee combat and self-defense system of Jewish origin, originally developed to counter anti-Semitic attacks in the 1930s and then later adopted by the Israel Defense Forces and Israel Security Forces in the 1950s.

It is a combat system that derives from a combination of techniques from different disciplines such as Boxing, Wrestling, Aikido, Judo, Karate, Kung fu and street fighting.

He is known for his attention to real-world situations and for his extreme efficiency.

Krav Maga has a philosophy that emphasizes instinctive aggression and simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers.
It was used by special forces units of the Israel Defense Forces, security forces and regular infantry units.

The expression "krav maga" in modern Hebrew literally means "contact combat/close combat".

It has been designed by extrapolating and simplifying the movements and techniques learned through the study of martial arts and combat sports in order to make it as simple and effective as possible during a fight without rules.

(source: Wikipedia)


The Krav Maga method Personal Defense System that I teach has its strong point on the prevention of any cases of danger, taking inspiration from real aggressions and the study of the best strategies (or with the highest percentage of success).

A focus on the basic notions of Italian self-defense laws is another fundamental part of my course, as well as the use of self-defense weapons (pepper spray, kubotan, etc.) and makeshift weapons (magazines, heels pin, belts, key rings, etc.).

Not least there is a strong preparation for street fighting (without rules and many "forbidden blows"), lots of Boxing, preparation on basic kicks, elbow and knee techniques, Jujitsu / Judo projection techniques, joint locks and wrestling to the ground.

However, the starting point for all of this is careful and constant athletic preparation.

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